Open Your Pool Earlier and Start Swimming Sooner!

Opening your pool can be a chore.  Let us do the work for you.  Book now and secure your spot at the front of the line.  You’ll get the earliest opening date and be swimming sooner!




What's Included

  • Cleaning & Removal of winter safety cover
  • Clean & roll water bags
  • Remove winterizing plugs
  • Install all pool equipment plugs
  • Reassemble pool equipment
    (ladder, railings, lights etc.)
  • Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater
  • Pool Opening Kit (Includes: Stain & Scale, Algaecide, Shock)
  • Some nominal extra charges may apply if extra chemicals are required to rebalance and if location is outside of the region.
  • Pay after Pool Opening completed

Earliest Opening

You get first-possible opening date so you’re pool is ready to go as soon as possible.

Friendly 5 Star Service

Yes, we’re super friendly and we like to swim too!  We like to offer free tips and advice too.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Expect the best service.  That’s what you’ll get.

Get Swimming Sooner This Spring